Reisen 2 – Grid Settings:Reisen, Masonry, Vertical, Tg-quito-custom

This is the Quito Template with small modifications in the Skin Builder. The hover and click on the media is working perfect.

No grid was found for: Reisen2.

Reisen – Grid Settings: Reisen, Masonry, Vertical, Tg-quito3

This is the exported template from above. I have just included it in my child template and registered in the functions.php. The hover and click on the media is not working.

Geführte Reise
Begleitete Selbstfahrer Reise
Begleitete Selbstfahrer Reise, Offroad-Tour

Angola Expedition

Wir wollen in 2026 Angola erkunden. An dieser Stelle könnt ihr schon mal euer Interesse bekunden….